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Friday, 1 May 2020

Children in the back Yard

Children in the back Yard:

There was a Carpenter who was a Master in his Trade, and this Carpenter had many Son's and Daughter's.

One morning this Carpenter was looking at some plans He had Drawn up, seeing that the Children was inside with him, he looked to the Eldest Son and said, Send the Children out side, and if some does not want to go, then persuaded them to do so.

Another Son decided to follow His Elder Brother, for the Elder Brother had said to him Follow Me I have something to show you, but not your Sister's and Brothers at this moment, but at a time to come.
And so it was He, the Eldest Son had sent the Children out to the back yard, and those who refused he persuade to go.

And the One that was to follow him, came back in the house with Him, and was taken to other places and parts of their Father's House that none of the other Son's and Daughter's had ever seen but was only told about, it was at this time that the two Brother's heard the voice of their Father saying to them "come", as they came into the presents of their Father He told them: your brothers and Sisters are in the Back Yard talking among themselves, Wash Them and ready them for the Feast.
The two brothers went outside to the back yard first the Elder Brother then the younger.

In the Back Yard the brothers found their sisters and Brothers talking to Strange Beast and Creatures, of all sorts and of all kinds.
The Elder Son asked the children what were they talking about, the children explained that the creatures was telling them that they knew our Father and of the mighty things he has done, and of the things we all can do with their help.
The Elder Brother then said, these Creatures have no knowledge of your Father, and when have you ever seen these beings in your Father's House?
The Children replied "never" the Elder then said to the creatures "Be gone away from my Father's dwellings for this place is not fitting for you, Be Gone" and with this command they left without saying a word.
The Eldest Brother said to the children "Go cleans yourselves for your clothes have been tarnished with mud, you have soiled yourselves with useless matter.
The Eldest son said to the son that followed after him " though you have not soiled yourself as they have, Go wash, and ready yourself, that your Brother's and Sister's may see you and your obedience.

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