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Friday, 1 May 2020

Clint Eastwood: Go ahead, make my day

Clint Eastwood: Go ahead, make my day

A man who builds a house without first counting the cost finds that he cannot follow through with what he set out to do.

He leaves the house unfinished because he cannot pay what is required.

Let him who has an ear hear.

We must count the cost of being a disciple and there is a cost.

We must be willing to give up everything to enter the way with Jesus and come into the Father's presence.

Even if our family members disown us or worse the world for being Christians, we must follow the Lord, our very soul within depends on hearing his voice, turning to him and going the way.

No one knew.

And many are called in this final hour to let go of the right in this world the millstone of life, and to turn to Jesus Christ and ask him on purpose to awaken.

Few are chosen. Everyone likes the idea of being chosen yet only a few will enter the narrow way leading to life.

This isn't a fools game or a guru's way the way with Jesus is the ONLY way.

Truly, one must have wisdom that comes from above to understand the Lord's love.

Soul in man has a mission to go the way with Jesus before death takes freewill. Freewill is wisdom given to you through the saviour to enter the way without guilt or shame.

You choose:

A. Stay in the world, imagine you're spiritually in tune, think the guru way, read your books and wait for death and hope you end up in a good place.

B. Turn to Jesus, he's on your left side drawing you - to let go of the world while you remain within by asking the Lord to awaken and listen to hear his voice.

A person would have to be dead not to understand.

I could tell a little child about Jesus and how it is we go the way and he'd be able to hear him - I am the Mother of the living, and the name I received came from within me, through a white stone caught with a left hand.

You'd have to be utterly dead inside to not hear something you've never heard before.

Clint Eastwood: Go ahead, make my day

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