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Friday, 8 May 2020

Fate and the Destiny: The Devourer of Souls

Fate and the Destiny: The Devourer of Souls

For each Nation there is an arch-angel of Destiny, and these arch-angels rule over the lower angels of Destiny.
There are also for each country, each state of that country, each city of that state, and each town in each city, and each person in each town, all has a spirit of destiny.

As for the world, there is a ruler of Destiny that acts as a Providence over that world, and over the arch-angels of Destiny which acts as a Providence over the countries, and they are over the angels that acts as a Providence over the cities, which are over those angels who acts as a Providence over the towns of the cities, and those angels acts as a Providence over the angels that acts as a Providence over the people in these cities.

The arch-angels governs over the leaders of each country and the direction to which that country should go.
These angels are as their rulers, that lust after power, they all seek ways to conquer other arch-angels along with their angels countries, states, cities, towns, and peoples, this is how leaders of countries colonies other countries becoming a Providence over it's states,.cities, towns and it's peoples.

The people:

Each person having a spirit of destiny does as the angel that is over it, it tries to capture another person and their spirit of destiny, this is what we call a dominant male or female, these spirits are active always, on your jobs, in friendships, relationships, and in your neighborhoods, we see them as our leaders.

Personal level:

The dominant spirit of destiny of a person that has captured the spirit of Destiny that rules over another person, causes that person to become subjected to the person that has the dominant spirit of destiny.
This is done by the dominant spirit through persuasion or by force, if the dominant spirit through force captures the submissive spirit then persuades the person it rules over to submit his or herself to the person possessing the dominant spirit of destiny.
In tern that person that submits takes upon his or herself the judgement that befalls the dominant person, many times becoming as that person is, this is how one person persuades another to become as he or she is, the same is with a country, state, city or town.
Each spirit of destiny is given the way a country, state, city, town and person should live and die and be punished for the sins of which it's ruler commands it to do.
The spirit of Destiny works along with what is called The Counterfeiting Spirit, of which I will tell you of separately.
Now the Rulers of the way of the lower Mist is called "THE DESTINY" and they that serve these rulers are called the spirits "of " Destiny or of the Destiny,

So when you have been persuaded by beauty, charm, cleverness and alike this is done spiritually first then manifested physically, spirit persuade spirit, then the human persuades the human,the spirit then tells the person in thought form how to persuade the other person whose spirit of Destiny has already been captured, how to take the person captive.

How to break the power of your spirit of Destiny over you and the power of the spirit of Destiny of another person will be given at the conclusions of the subject of the Counterfeiting spirit.

Every one has a spirit of Destiny every one, you, your husband, your wife, your son, your daughter, your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, niece, nephew, cousin, friend and lover, every one, and their spirit of destiny is active in them all 24hr, a day.

The Wolf is Shepherd 1 Peter 5:8
it is the Destiny that devours the week

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