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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

flesh and soul gospel of thomas saying 112

Saying 112
This saying gives no precedence to soul or to flesh; they are equivalent in value or the soul and the flesh are inter dependent" this saying follows rationally in sequence after saying 111, which speaks of “living from the living one” in contrast to living from what is dead. A “body” being “depending on a body” and “the soul dependent on the flesh” that is to have the natural things to give life but not the spiritual things which would be living on the living one

Woe to the flesh that depends on the soul; woe to the soul that depends on the flesh." The flesh stands for the soul (a body, person) so a person dependent on the soul means the thinking of the flesh which is demoniacal earthly born of the soul” James 3:15 Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible. And the soul that depends on the flesh this stands for a soul (a person) who is dependant upon material things does not understand spiritual matters and only knows the thinking of the flesh which his consciousness is dependant upon. A paraphrase may help us to understand this:

The Master said, "Woe to the soul that depends on the thinking of the flesh; woe to the soul that does not understand spiritual matters."
Jesus said, "Shame on the flesh whenever it remains fixed in its own nature, because it becomes corrupt and dies. And shame on the soul if it remains fixed only in its own nature and relies only upon its own works, not having fellowship with the divine spirit, because it dies, not having been considered worthy of the eternal life of divinity." (Gal 5:16-18; Rom 8:3-11; John 3:6)

112) Jesus said, "Woe to the flesh [animal nature - carnal desires of the senses] that depends on the soul [reasoning of the heart (as in Mark 2)]; woe to the soul [reasoning of the heart] that depends on the flesh [if one does not have the spirit of Truth but relies on his own reasoning he will always tend towards what appeals to the flesh, in turn, the flesh will always influence the reasoning to do that which is carnal in nature - see addendum "Awareness" at the end of this book]."

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