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Monday, 18 May 2020

Gnostic Apostolic Succession

Gnostic apostolic succession

Clement of Alexandria records that Valentinus was instructed by Theudas, and that Theudas in turn was taught by Paul (Clement of Alexandria Stromata 7:17)

According to Hippolytus, the Naassenes, or serpent-worshippers, received secret matter through Mariamne—presumably Mary Magdalene—from James, the brother of the Lord.3 This claim fits very well with titles of several extant Gnostic works (two Apocalypses of James, the Pistis Sophia, and the Gospel of Mary, for example).

the valentinians possess the true apostolic succession

No one could’ve been revealed among those who’d been entrusted with salvation unless the book had appeared.(The Gospel of Truth)

Chrism is superior to baptism. We are called Christians from the word “chrism,” not from the word “baptism.” Christ also has his name from chrism, for the father anointed the son, the son anointed the apostles, and the apostles anointed us. Whoever is anointed has everything: resurrection, light, cross, holy spirit. The father gave all this to the person in the bridal chamber, and the person accepted it. The father was in the son and the son was in the father. This is heaven’s kingdom. (Gospel of Philip)

These words I have received from the generosity of my lord, Jesus the Christ. I have taught you and your brothers and sisters, who are my children, about them, and have omitted nothing that may strengthen you. If there is anything among these written words that is obscure, ask and I will explain. (The Treatise on the Resurrection)

For, if God permit, you will later learn about their origin and generation, when you are judged worthy of the apostolic tradition which we too have received by succession. We too are able to prove all our points by the teaching of the Savior. (Ptolemy's Letter to Flora)

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