Gnostic Doctrine

Friday, 1 May 2020

I am an eternal infinite ineffable thought

I am an eternal infinite ineffable thought"

Today I saw my father within me, yet I am, I am within his ineffable being.

My brothers and sisters hear me from the within that you may comprehend what is the without.

Know that no form has lived for one day, but as a tiny spark from an amber your form shall live even less, take for yourselves this ineffable thought, if the gods haven't lived for a day, then how can they comprehend what is eternal, when they haven't grasp hold of a moment in eternity.

Take for yourselves eternal life, and as a seed plant it in the soil of ineffability, then in season the ineffable life of our father will be yours to reap.

Again I say to you immortality is as nothing, and eternity is but your birth sack, so many of you have not lived, having not reached your embryonic stage, not truly knowing who is it that carries you in their womb.

I come to you with that which is indescribably indefinable, longing for you come to birth as an an inexpressible incomprehensible manifestation of an ineffable thought of our father, in a human form.

Tell me my brothers and sisters, what man and woman has ever conceived such a life and placed it in a human form, I know not one!

Yet many have taken upon them selves the ineffable name of father and mother, they do this in error understanding not even understanding the gods of creation, and like the gods of creation, even they are in error of who has given them life.

I speak to you of ineffable things, I am called the good son!

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