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Friday, 1 May 2020

Jesus Tricked Everyone

Jesus Tricked Everyone

Jesus tricked everyone, for he did not appear as he was, but he appeared so that he could be seen. He appeared to everyone. He [appeared] to the great as great, he [appeared] to the small as small, he [appeared [58] to the] angels as an angel and to humans as a human. For this reason his word was hidden from everyone. Some looked at him and thought they saw themselves. But when he appeared to his disciples in glory upon the mountain, he was not small. He became great. Or rather, he made the disciples great, so they could see him in his greatness.

You misunderstood, the way he tricked everyone is this, to those that were of a greater understanding, he did not appear to them as he appear to those of a lesser understanding.

He appeared to the world in a worldly body, to those that are raised he appeared to them in his resurrected form, and to those of the infinite realm, he appeared to them in his infinite form.

According to your understanding of who Christ is that is the form he will appear to you in, strive to see him in his fullness, and not only the form that of this world , Christ is a Eternal, Infinite, Divine Being, his true appearance is not a human form!

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