Gnostic Doctrine

Friday, 1 May 2020


Ego always try to say, "I am better than you", " I am holier than you". In ancient days they had a system to not let the ego go beyond a particular limit.

Intellect is the tool of consciousness accumulating knowledge in this world. Intellect helps ego with advice and information but final decisions comes from ego.

Ego can say, "I like it" and intellect may disapprove; ego may decide, "Okay, I don't believe this is right, but I don't want to follow all these rules and regulations, I'll break the law".

If intellect is too dominating, then information in books is considered more important than experience.

When ego is the king in the body, intellect is the prime-minister and mind is the public relation officer, roaming here and there, making contacts, gathering information.

Most of the time only mind is dominate, yet sometimes ego is very dominant and Intellect is only in the beginning, when you start, it comes and tries to show you how to go.

Mostly it's the mind which takes the lead.

Wisdom is holy in Spirit having receive the light of Christ through soul, the three are not from this realm.

However ego, intellect and self are copy cats of the true light of the Father, this is why there is some confusion as to what's going on. We need to choose who we believe. Do you believe Jesus or not? It's a simple yes or no. No one is forced to turn to him, only those who are drawn by the Father turn to him. Those who say they know the Father without him, that's okay, leave these to do their journey.

We are going to go through an awakening.

Self likes to enjoy the drama of life because of the unfolding desires of ego in combination of self, intellect, ego and in the mind there is a constant repeat over and over again.

The ultimate desire is to merge with god, yet these three from the world cannot attain wisdom from God, for they belong here in the flesh, and flesh profits nothing, destined to die. The spirit keeping life alive comes out of man, and is separate from soul, soul goes to a place of judgement to remember, and the spirit is sent back into organic life.

Those who seek reincarnation as eternal life are destined to die over and over again, return as a tree or a bug, or a rock, they fail to understand soul is the pearl of great price and Jesus saves souls from man's ignorant darkness, this is the sin, the flesh he is in kept alive by the instinctual spirit.

Those who seek Christ consciousness will dissolve into the cosmic consciousness as one and will not have a name, or a glorified body of light. You have free will now to choose correctly.

Souls purpose is to unite as one with the Father through the Son and Lord Jesus is the ONLY way into the kingdom of heaven while we walk in the spirit in the kingdom of God.

Lord Jesus is not from this realm, he's not in oraganic life, he's in a glorified body of light born of water and the spirit.

Many are in error.

This world is not as it seems and many are the season repeating as a fiddle unfolds. Time is in the mind of man, transformation is within the soul. How the mind is renew a Chris is through Christ who is the light and Jesus is the ONLY way.

The curtain has been rent in two. No more lies and no more secrets.

Souls purpose is awakening within before death of this organic vessel we are in. See the light of Christ, know the truth and be set free from the lie, go the way with Jesus, learning how to walk straight in the spirit a left and right glide within the mind while we remain in the flesh, continuing in service, not missing a heart beat.

Nice and easy or the mind will end up way out in left field and become lost, tripping on itself thinking it's the true saviour and there is only one, Lord Jesus Christ.

Even now those who call on the name of the Lord, will be saved.

Pride and ego belong to the psyche of the flesh, we are more than flesh and blood we are the true children of the living God, we have a Father in heaven and Jesus is the way.

You have free will to choose correctly.

Little children don't come into the light with the ego or intellect, we enter in as a innocent little child with Jesus and we learn by hearing we ask, seek and find.

Wisdom is our Mother, she gives us understanding. Find her, you find life.

9 months and 100 days it takes to come out of darkness and into the light. I remember everything.

As Christ's alone we are not superstitious or from M.A.R.S. Martyrs/Activist/Robin-hoods/Superman; We are Christ's alone and we walk the law of the land in peace and love and we do not harm any, not even ourselves, as we continue in service here in the world.

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