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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Parable of the Famine

Parable of the Famine :

A Stranger had come to this city with clothes tattered and torn as he met some of it's citizens he inquired of it's leaders, some of the citizens were gracious and said, let us give you of our clothing, here, take of our food, others said here rest from your journey surly you must be famished.

And this did the citizens do to this stranger, on the morning of the next day, the stranger arose and departed to the house of the ruler of that city, upon meeting this ruler the stranger was greeted and asked of this ruler, sir, greetings and what brings you to our fare city, the stranger replied, oh, great sir, I am a messenger from the king, and have come this long way to warn you of the famine that is to come to your city.

But the ruler said but our city is prosperous, our food is plenteous, our walls are fortified and strong, and as for our waters, our Wells are deep as well as wide, we have no fear of any famine.

Then the ruler had said in his anger, be gone from our fare city stranger for never has any famine come passed our walls,

It was at this moment the stranger departed the home of the ruler of this city, for on the night before the stranger had left the city, this famine had fell upon this city, poisoning it's Wells of water, and the store houses of food which had been store for many months had spoiled from top to bottom, and on the morning as the stranger headed towards the gates of this city, this news had reach the ruler of this city.

And when this news reach the ruler of this city, this ruler had said quickly retrieve this stranger make haste, so this stranger was quickly brought back to the ruler, stranger, stranger what shall we do to be saved from this famine that has breached our walls and poisoned our waters, the stranger replied I am a carpenter to the king and will build you a great aquifer from your mountains which shall bring you new clear fresh waters, dig you new Wells whose waters shall come from it's depths, so the citizens of this city joined in with this stranger for all the stranger had requested was given to him and this city was saved and no one soul was lost, this famine was caused buy the neighbouring salted sea and was slowly poisoning the Wells of water in this city while the air was being salted corroding the walls of their store houses from top to bottom, for the builder of this city had not fortified the walls of it's Wells of water, it was out of ignorance of the builder of this city that had endangered the lives of it's citizens, so the king sent his servant to save them all.

Beware of the strangers you through out of your cities.

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