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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

pillagers and robbers Gospel of Thomas saying 103

Here this saying reflects the cultural background replete with violence and threat. The occupation of Galilee by the roman takeover in 63 BCE followed by the reign of Herod, who died 2 BCE and there was the zealots who rebelled against roman occupation thus the time of Jesus was a time of great social change and oppression and it did not grow more peaceful during Jesus’ lifetime. Indeed, social disruptions due to occupation and excessive taxation led to the great Jewish revolt of the 60s CE that culminated in the destruction of the Jerusalem temple in 70 CE.

this saying also reflects the cultural background replete with violence and threat of the last days.

103)## Jesus said, "Fortunate is the [spiritual] man who knows where the brigands [pillagers and robbers] will enter [some other way other than the "door"], so that he may get up [increase in spiritual understanding], muster his domain [gather his higher/inward (spiritual) knowledge], and arm himself [with the sword of Truth, the Word of God] before they invade [and try to steal away his soul]."

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