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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

He who will drink from my mouth gospel of thomas saying 108

Saying 108
In this saying and 13 and 61 those who meditate on the words of Jesus are drinking from wisdom’s fountain and become like or equal with Jesus and this saying explicitly states that the true believer who drinks from Jesus‘ mouth becomes Jesus. Drinking is done by means of investigating and finding the symbolic meanings of the parables and proverbs Jesus’ words. As is discussed in Thomas’s introductory saying and in saying 1.

108) Jesus said, "He who will drink from my mouth [as opposed to a cup (of a religion) so the higher/inward (spiritual) meanings of the Word – the fountain of life] will become like Me [see Him as He is being set free from religion (and their cup) and becoming a fountain of life to others]. I myself shall become he [as part of the body of Christ], and the things that are hidden [the Keys, the understandings of this and other scriptures] will become revealed to him [all of the treasures within the scriptures will come to light with spiritual clarity]."

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