Gnostic Doctrine

Friday, 1 May 2020

thank God

To those of you that have ears, hear then what I say to you

Blessed is the woman that has made her outer like her inner, for she has come to know herself and shall rule over many,

If you are lesser than a king, then know that, it is nothing, but if you become a son, then you shall rule over many kings.

Blessed are you who have renounced this world, for you have saved yourselves escaping the punishment of the rulers of this world.

Do not think that the name God, is important, for there are many gods and you shall bare the burden of choice, of which you shall serve, know that if an earthly father adores the relationship he has with his son and daughter, and does not require worship from either, then how much greater is the eternal Father who ask for even less.

Blessed is the man that has never seen the Savior, for when he does see him that man shall know him in his true form, some say that the holy spirit came upon Mary and she beget Christ, know that they are wrong, the holy spirit is first male and stand as female principal for all life came from the womb of the female principal, this is the mystery of the father separating himself from himself, this female principle is called Sige, this is why Christ said that he was the son of " Man " if he was to speak of the Father, then he would have simply said "The Father".

If any say to you "thank God" then they do not know the father and has no relationship with Sige, knowing not who Christ is, such a one is freshly and born of this world, but you my brethren are begotten of the father and came to this world, and shall return to the father from whom you first came, but those of this world shall parish in their knowledge of who the father is.

Again I say to you who have ears, hear what I am speaking to you.

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