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Sunday, 3 May 2020

The Archetype

The Archetype:

John 10:30 ► New International Version

"I and the Father are one."

Christ was the Archetype, the prime and Original perfect physical copy of our Pre-Existing Invisible Father.

"I and the Father are one." Many were taught that it was Christ that spoke these words, but I say to you, It was our Father speaking these words in the Form of Christ, how else then could he have said he and the Father are one, except they be one and the same Being.

The Children:

Revelation 22:13 ► New International Version

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Romans 8:29 ► Berean Literal Bible

because those whom He foreknew, also He predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, for Him to be firstborn among many brothers.

We, The Children; were with the Father in his PREEMINENCE, we were forever in thought, for the Father was like a thought and a place for us and Christ was the First to become Physical, and Begotten among the Immortal Beings, The Autogenes: So we the Sons and Daughters of the Pre-Existing Father, are AS Christ IS "Begotten"

The Mystery of the Children:

1 John 4:17 ► New Living Translation

And as we live in God, our love grows more perfect. So we will not be afraid on the day of judgment, but we can face him with confidence because we live like Jesus here in this world.

In this verse we the Children are reminded of who we are, and that we are not as the people here on this Earth say we are.

We the Children Lived with our Father, that is to say "Within" our Father, much like the "Fetus" in the Womb waiting to be born, but in the Invisible Spiritual Realm, it is called "Begotten" this is where we were "Called" not as they in this world say "you are called by God" but we the Children were "called" to be "Born" down here in this world, we are the First Pre-Existing Family that lived "Within" our "Parent" not as in this world "With" their "Parents" we are the "Archetype" of "Sons" and "Daughters" we are not from nor "Of" this "World".

They were forever in thought, for the Father was like a thought and a place for them. When their generations had been established, the one who is completely in control wished to lay hold of and to bring forth that which was deficient in the [...] and he brought forth those [...] him. But since he is as he is, he is a spring, which is not diminished by the water which abundantly flows from it. While they were in the Father's thought, that is, in the hidden depth, the depth knew them, but they were unable to know the depth in which they were; nor was it possible for them to know themselves, nor for them to know anything else. That is, they were with the Father; they did not exist for themselves. Rather, they only had existence in the manner of a seed, so that it has been discovered that they existed like a fetus. Like the word he begot them, subsisting spermatically, and the ones whom he was to beget had not yet come into being from him. The one who first thought of them, the Father, - not only so that they might exist for him, but also that they might exist for themselves as well, that they might then exist in his thought as mental substance and that they might exist for themselves too, - sowed a thought like a spermatic seed. Now, in order that they might know what exists for them, he graciously granted the initial form, while in order that they might recognize who is the Father who exists for them, he gave them the name "Father" by means of a voice proclaiming to them that what exists, exists through that name, which they have by virtue of the fact that they came into being, because the exaltation, which has escaped their notice, is in the name.

The infant, while in the form of a fetus has enough for itself, before ever seeing the one who sowed it. Therefore, they had the sole task of searching for him, realizing that he exists, ever wishing to find out what exists. Since, however, the perfect Father is good, just as he did not hear them at all so that they would exist (only) in his thought, but rather granted that they, too, might come into being, so also will he give them grace to know what exists, that is, the one who knows himself eternally, [...] form to know what exists, just as people are begotten in this place: when they are born, they are in the light, so that they see those who have begotten them. (The Tripartite Tractate)

False Witness:

Matthew 24:11 ► Berean Study Bible

and many false prophets will arise and mislead many.

As far as Gnosis and Truth is concern, the above verse explains that many will come in this world in the form and type of Gnosis and Truth, of which are tricks and dark deceptions.

Of whom they having no true understanding of themselves, nor of their Origins, being blind to true Gnosis not having witness the Eternal Pre-Existing Invisible Spiritual Realms, they Deceive many.

When at any time has our Father took up shelter in caves, mountain tops, or temples and of what use would Crafts or Alchemy and Elixirs to explain and define himself when the world itself is matter, does matter have Preemininance over that which is Eternal and Spiritual, Brothers shake yourselves of such things, Renouncing them, by knowing yourselves having awaken from the deep sleep of Adam which is "Ignorance" Awaken Brothers seek after Light Knowledge, "That your Eye be Single" and your Whole Body be Full of Light".

the images and representations and likenesses:

The matter which flows through its form (is) a cause by which the invisibility which exists through the powers [...] for them all, for [...], as they beget before them and destroy.
The thought which is set between those of the right and those of the left is a power of begetting. All those which the first ones will wish to make, so to speak, a projection of theirs, like a shadow cast from and following a body, those things which are the roots of the visible creations, namely, the entire preparation of the adornment of the images and representations and likenesses, have come into being because of those who need education and teaching and formation, so that the smallness might grow, little by little, as through a mirror image. For it was for this reason that he created mankind at the end, having first prepared and provided for him the things which he had created for his sake.

Like that of all else is the creation of mankind as well. The spiritual Logos moved him invisibly, as he perfected him through the Demiurge and his angelic servants, who shared in the act of fashioning in multitudes, when he took counsel with his archons. Like a shadow is earthly man, so that he might be like those who are cut off from the Totalities. Also he is something prepared by all of them, those of the right and those of the left, since each one in the orders gives a form to the [...] in which it exists.

The [...] which the Logos who was defective brought forth, who was in the sickness, did not resemble him, because he brought it forth forgetfully, ignorantly, and defectively, and in all the other weak ways, although the Logos gave the first form through the Demiurge out of ignorance, so that he would learn that the exalted one exists, and would know that he needs him. This is what the prophet called "Living Spirit" and "Breath of the exalted aeons" and "the Invisible," and this is the living soul which has given life to the power which was dead at first. For that which is dead is ignorance.

It is fitting that we explain about the soul of the first human being, that it is from the spiritual Logos, while the creator thinks that it is his, since it is from him, as from a mouth through which one breathes. The creator also sent down souls from his substance, since he, too, has a power of procreation, because he is something which has come into being from the representation of the Father. Also those of the left brought forth, as it were, men of their own, since they have the likeness of <being>.

The Demiurge saw an Image of Christ that appeared from the Aeonic realm the Demiurge than said to his co-creators "let us create a man in the image of the image that shown from above, but after our likeness, for their likeness was that of "Male and Female" and that was what they did, constructing their "Adam" solely of soil,"Earth" Which was their version of what they saw.

Christ came as he who witness that which has Preeminence

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