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Friday, 1 May 2020

The Knowledge of Astrology

the knowledge of Astrology

When the rulers of this world discussed their desire to keep mankind in darkness, I was there, I became as one of them and heard of their boasting, they said among themselves in secrete,

" Let us not give knowledge to man of travel for they may become as we are, let them not know of the stars, less they may travel them and bring war to our home "

" let this be the decree " and this was agreed among their elders, so they, their chiefs, sent their deceivers with the delusion of travel, humans was given the knowledge of cars and of trucks this was the knowledge of earthly travel this was done to keep humans grounded to this earth, never to know true travelling.

Then to humans they gave the knowledge of Astrology that they, humans may stay grounded, always looking up to the stars never to know their true celestial bodies of which they, the rulers call their heavens.

This the rulers sought out to deceive mankind, but it was them who was deceived, for when they gave humans the knowledge to travel from city to city and state to state, this allowed mankind to travel from mystery to mystery and realm to realm.

The knowledge of travel came to be because of mankind for travel belongs to, mankind, and the realms came to be because of the mysteries for the realms exist within the mysteries.

Understand this mystery where ever Sige is mankind can go, for Sige came first, and all beings and rulers, and kingdoms and worlds and their heavens, exist within the mystery of Sige, Sige gives life and knowledge to all.

Another mystery I give the rulers created humans to mirror mankind, and the humans are the bodies that mankind dwell in, this is the prisons to which mankind are held in, and it is death that is sent to free mankind from the prison of human, this is what is meant by the saying of " the enslavement of mankind by the rulers of this world " soon mankind will no longer have need of death to free them " Christ " has brought " Life " of mankind back to them, this life, was and did belong to mankind in the beginning before all things came into existence, all, things, brothers and sisters learn of this life which is your inheritance, then the door to your prison will open of it's own, life is superior to death and that life is yours.

Humanity is the name that is given when spirit life gives life to the human body, we are not a body but spirit life encased in a human form, the body is hewned, then later called " hu-man ". Do you get it?

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