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Friday, 8 May 2020

the Light with Christ

 the Light with Christ

The soul's purpose is to transform within, and this can only be done when the mind has been renewed a Christ with Lord Jesus and THIS can only happen when we turn to Jesus who is the ONLY way we come into the Father's presence.

Along the way, Christ is in you (you know this, he loves you so and will never leave or forsake you), and along the way come into the Light with Christ who is our Father of Light and Lord Jesus is the ONLY way the Light comes in (the truth) and the Light goes behind (darkness is no more) and this is how the mind is renewed a Christ with him. We learn how to communicate in the spirit and walk in the spirit while we remain in service to this world in the flesh.

The Light of Christ is our Father and along the way with Jesus your mind is sealed a Christ with his, you'll know who you are, where you came from and what's going on.

Strange yes, and the world will not understand, like who knew how to enter the way with Jesus - no one really taught us it was possible to become a Christ with him while we yet lived here on the earth because of ego, because ego wants to be a Christ and he can't so don't worry.

We do, the elect, the true children, we who love him hear his voice within and we turn to him and enter in all before death of this organic flesh called sinful in nature. Call out to him, ask him on purpose to awaken your sleeping soul, who is innocent as a babe, tender in the throne room of God drinking the milk of the word, awakening only when standing accused.

Come now ~ come down and out of her who nurses you and learn how to walk as a little child with him and enter the kingdom within. For babes don't eat the meat, its too strong and neither do babes walk for their bodies are feeble, and they sleep to grow.

Come now, enter in by turning to him and know who your Father is through Christ the Son and go the ONLY way made ready for you to go with him; if there wasn't a way, our precious lord and saviour would never has said he is the ONLY way.

He calls us children, by name, because he knows what's going on and this name is written in the lambs book of life; this world is not our permanent home, neither would he have said, death is no more, the grave has no victory and every tear wiped away.

The All is done before not after, for in death we loose our free will to choose correctly and there are two ways leading out of life, choose Lord Jesus, choose life.  

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