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Monday, 4 May 2020

the meaning of the word "OF"

the meaning of the word "OF"

του greek word

Samaritans, Samaritans, Samaritans, I am speaking to those who love to say, " I was glad when they said unto me come , let us go into the house of the lord" Psalm 122:1 ►.
I give you this: John 4:22 ► New Living Translation
You Samaritans know very little about the one you worship, while we Jews know all about him, for salvation comes through the Jews.

Do you Samaritans, even know the meaning of the word " OF"

OF- preposition

(used to indicate distance or direction from, separation, deprivation, etc.):
When David quoted this "he" did not know the mystery behind what he was saying,
our Father was trying to tell us this " be glad on the day when shall enter the house which is far above that which belongs to the Lordship of the god of this world.

It is used to say, " Over", " Above ", and "Beyond" a place or thing!

The creator god of this world has a son name, "And his son is called Yao: his feminine name is Lordship." the creator god son's Masculine name is "Lord" and his Fiminine name is, "Lordship"
So when david said he was glad when they said come let "us" he was refering to the day of the resurrection of Christ when Christ went down into Paradise and preached the Gospel meaning "Truth" to the Patriarchs, and Prophets, it was they that said to david " come let us not enter into their Heaven, but, into the house that is above their lord's, and they all Followed after Christ,
After- preposition, in imitation of or in imitation of the style of:
in other words they became Christ like at that time.

Take time and investagate words, and the origin of phrases of the Bible you read, it could mean something other than what you were taught, and learn the Origin of your thoughts "Also".

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