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Friday, 1 May 2020

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter:

Last night my Father called to me last night as I laid upon my bed,

In an instant I stood before him, he said to me,

here is an isle on a distant shore, stand upon the sands there, dig deep there is hidden treasure there,

Once you have found it bring it to me.

It was at that moment the sands of that isle was beneath my feet,

And to my right I saw my brother but he said to me, who are you and where do you come from?

Again he asked what are your interest in Sophia?

So I said to him brother you wonder about many things, but I will answer all that you have ask, but first let me scoop up some sand and you take a walk with me.

Whit a hand full of sand my brother and I took a walk and I answered all that he had asked.

Then I took him up with me and we stood before our father, I said to our father this is Anthropos the treasure I found on the isle.

Father said to me the true treasure was hidden deep within you, you dug deep to answer all your brother asked,

In doing so you placed that treasure within him,

And the sands in your hand are the souls of all that are on that isle and you brought them to me also.

Well done my treasure hunter, well done.

So many very poor people are hurting for creature comforts and seek God to supply. The Truth/Christ is that satisfaction is not in these and that God has removed the sting from poverty in Christ through Jesus the 1st embodiment of Christ, Jesus the only Savior, we Christ-ans. Brother, SET THE CAPTIVES FREE.

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