Gnostic Doctrine

Friday, 1 May 2020

We enter the kingdom within

We enter the kingdom within

We enter the kingdom within changed into a little child; awakened soul comes out of the throne room able to walk, weaned from the milk, goes to the meat.

The path is made straight with the light. Along the way there are pools of water on the left side; the waters are drawing, they are the knowledge of man. On the right is the rule. To go the way is a left and right glide within the mind; this is walking in the spirit while we remain in the flesh.

A pendulum swings back and forth along the way holding back the race of time. No man is able to go the way without the Lord Jesus. The way I'm writing is the way with the Lord Jesus. I entered in by turning to him on purpose. He who loves hears me, the mockers will not hear for this is foolishness to their ears.

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