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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Sabaoth the Good in Pistis Sophia

Sabaoth the Good

Sabaoth (צבאות 
Tzavaot) – army or host – “Lord of Hosts”

Sabaoth the Good is the power of the Light-emanations

The name Sabaoth comes from the Hebrew word for "hosts" or "forces," particularly in the expression "Yahweh Sabaoth," 
"LORD of hosts."  He Will Be Armies. Sabaoth plays a similar role in Pistis Sophia

In the Orig. World Sabaoth is a Son of Yaldabaoth and a prominent power of this world in gnostic texts.  

On the Origin of the World:When Sabaoth received light, he received great authority against all of the powers of chaos. Since that day he has been called “the lord of the powers.”  He hated his father, the darkness, and his mother, the abyss. He loathed his sister, the thought of the chief creator, the one who moves to and fro over the water.

On account of his light, all of the authorities of chaos were jealous of him. And when they were disturbed, they made a great war in the seven heavens. Then when Pistis Sophia saw the war, she sent seven archangels from her light to Sabaoth. They snatched him away up to the seventh heaven.  They took their stand before him as servants. Furthermore, she sent him three other archangels and established the kingdom for him above everyone so that he might dwell above the twelve gods of chaos.

When Sabaoth received the place of rest because of his repentance, Pistis also gave him her daughter, Zoe,  with great authority, so that she might inform him about everything that exists in the eighth heaven. And since he had authority, he first created a dwelling place for himself. It is huge, magnificent, seven times as great as all those that exist in the seven heavens.

Sabaoth the Good

Psychic Plane or Mixture (Lower Manas)

       Sabaoth, the Good

Hylic (Astral) Plane

The Twelve Aeons
       The First Six Sons or Emanations of the Self-Centered One
       Sabaoth-Adamas (The Great Tyrant, Ialdabaoth, the Lion-Faced Power)

The Great Sabaoth, the Good

As mentioned above, this figure provides a power or soul for Jesus’ earthly incarnation, making him effectively Jesus’ earthly father. This role is most widely discussed through extensive interpretations of Psalm 85:10-11 in Chapters 62-63.

Sabaoth, the Adamas

This is the primary representative of evil or wickedness in the majority of the Pistis Sophia. He is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct, begetting archons and other beings, and as a result he is imprisoned in the bounds of the zodiac, or the material universe. For those human souls who did not receive the mysteries before death and are thus bound to be reincarnated in the world, he is also responsible for giving the “cup of forgetfulness,” denying them the knowledge they had acquired from previous lives and punishments.

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