Gnostic Doctrine

Saturday, 20 June 2020

The Sethian Gnostics

We delve deeply into the origins, influence and theology of Sethian Gnosticism. Not only was Sethianism the fountainhead of so many Gnostic schools in antiquity, including the Valentinians, Mandaeans & Manichaeans, they might be the Christianity before Christianity. We also discuss the ideas of other Gnostic sectarians like the Ophites and Barbelorites; and the intimate theology behind the Sethian Gospel of Judas and other so-called Gnostic texts. Astral Guest: John Turner, author of ‘Sethian Gnosticism and The Platonic Tradition’, Professor of Religious Studies at The University of Nebraska & one of the original translators of the Nag Hammadi Library.

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