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Monday, 1 June 2020

Valentinus and The Gnostics: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

Besides being a poetic genius and an ethereal philosopher, Valentinus was the Gnostic who allegedly almost became Pope and might have changed the course of the Church in history. He and his followers created some of the most beautiful, unifying theology of early Christianity, including the concept of the Trinity, a redeemed Demiurge, and a positive view of the cosmos. We evoke their amazing contribution to Christian thought before they were crushed under the fury of Orthodoxy in the Fourth Century. Astral Guest— Einar Thomassen, author of 'The Spiritual Seed: The Church of the Valentinians' and one of the original translators of the Nag Hammadi Library. Topics Discussed: --Separating the legend from the history of Valentinus of Alexandria. --Understanding the softer, poetic and yet astral Gnosticism of the Valentinians (and the different schools within this Gnostic sect). --Evidence stating that Valentinus received his theology from the Syrian Christian viewpoint and not Alexandria. --Finally understanding what exactly was the ritual of the Bridal Chamber. --Why did Valentinus consider the Apostle Paul the Elvis of the ancient times? --Like most Gnostic Schools, how not everyone receives salvation and why. - -Why faith was as important as gnosis to the Valentinians. --How Valentinus saw the death and resurrection of the Christ.

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