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Monday, 1 June 2020

Valentinus and the Gnostics Part 2

INTERVIEW STARTS AT 17:00. Our second part of our series dealing the elegant theologians and poetic philosophers known as the Valentinians. Founded by the enigmatic and brilliant Valentinus of Alexandria, the Valentinians threaded a fine needle between Gnostic heresy and Christian orthodoxy, adding new dimensions to both sides that changed the course of early Christendom. We take an intimate view of their creeds, practices and scripture. We comb the Nag Hammadi Library and beyond for a thorough inspection of the Valentinian flavor of ethereal Gnosticism; as well as explore the various Valentinian schools that frustrated Orthodoxy for centuries, from the cult of Marcus the Magician to the followers of Ptolemy and his grandiose cosmology. Lastly, we study the cultural habits of the Valentinians who navigated the unpredictable Greco-Roman world and later the Christian Empire. Astral Guest—Ismo Dunderberg, author of Beyond Gnosticism: Myth, Lifestyle, and Society in the School of Valentinus and The Beloved Disciple in Conflict?: Revisiting the Gospels of John and Thomas , as well as Professor of Religious Studies at Helsinski University.

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