Gnostic Doctrine

Friday, 12 March 2021

History of Gnosticism

A history graph over Gnosticism. Note that neo-Gnosticism was essentially started up in the 19th century, generally keeping some of the false narratives of the Church Fathers when designing their theology. The Nag Hammadi Library was hidden in the desert in the 4th or 5th century. The Cathars that were Paulician (or perhaps Marcionite), rather than Gnostic, went extinct in the 13th century. Qabbalah was written down in the 11th century. The last Manichaeans disappeared some time after the 13th century but before the 18th century in China. The Mandeans are the only ones that have a real Gnostic heritage, but they will not accept converts. I suspect the first real Gnostics preceeded Jesus and John the Baptist. #gnosticdoctrine #gnosticteachings



  1. Thank you for this vast library!!! Much found that is faith-building and healing.