Gnostic Doctrine

Friday, 12 March 2021

Jesus and Satan

Good and bad, wrong and right. Love and hate, joy and suffering.

Duality is the crux of human being. The physical plane provides a canvas of contrast.

This is suitable for the mind's need to understand and define. Or the mind found suit in this paradigm.

Egg meet Chicken 🧠🥚🐔

Take a Divine step back, detaching from self interest and cognitive frameworks. See the Singularity that exists in totality.

Up implies down. Happy needs sad  ☯️

Reconforming then creates a clear understanding that we are the Creator of *our* existence, perception, and fate. We are subject to circumstances, but these evolve through our response.

All forms of Dieties and Spirit exist because we are interdimensional. But they are not us, nor do they control us. We as Light Beings maintain a power of presence that can always transcend. 

Pick your potion: subject to change 😊🌊♾

Namaste  🙏💖🕉


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