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Friday, 21 May 2021

Christ is a symbol for Light

Christ is a symbol for Light

 I have selected quotes from NHL that say that the name Christ is a symbol for Light (the inner Light). In addition, I can mention that also Moses used the symbolic name Christ in the NHL scriptures when he talked about the bronze snake.

“Fire is chrism. Light is fire. I do not mean ordinary fire, which has no form, but other fire, which is pure white in appearance, beautifully bright and imparting beauty.” (Gospel of Philip)

“So it is necessary to baptize with two elements, light and water, and light is chrism.” (Gospel of Philip)

“The tree of life, however, is in the middle of the garden. It is an olive tree, and from it comes chrism, and from chrism comes resurrection.”(Gospel of Philip)

“Chrism is superior to baptism. We are called Christians from the word “chrism,” not from the word “baptism.” Christ also has his name from chrism, for the father anointed the son, the son anointed the apostles, and the apostles anointed us.” (Gospel of Philip)

“But when the seed is revealed, then perfect light will shine on everyone, and all who are in the light will [receive the] chrism.” (Gospel of Philip)

“Those who receive the name of the father, son, and holy spirit and have accepted them must do this. If someone does not accept them, the name will also be taken from that person. A person receives them in the chrism with the oil of the power of the cross. The apostles called this power the right and the left. This person is no longer a Christian but is Christ.” (Gospel of Philip)

By Christer Hamre

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