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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Egyptian Symbolism: Three Stories Become One (Paperback)


Egyptian Symbolism: Three Stories Become One (Paperback)

By Christen Hamre

"Christer Hamre shines new light on Middle Eastern history in setting out to show that the biblical scriptures and the Gnostic scriptures are from one and the same root story, a story about the belief systems in Egypt. The significance of Egyptian numerology, the number system in ancient texts, and its rich symbolism are the basis for some intriguing findings. Judaism is really an Egyptian story. The centre of Judeo-Christian culture was not Jerusalem but Luxor in Egypt. Jesus Christ and Tutankhamen were one and the same person. Most revolutionary is the re-dating of events to the tune of 1,300 years. The depth and breadth of research into documents and artifacts builds a powerful case that will be an invigorating challenge for the discerning reader."

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