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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

E=MC2 vs C=FP2

E=MC2- vs C=FP2

Well, I am no Einstein, not even a physicist, but I believe there is spiritual wisdom hidden in this natural law. Let’s consider the divine equation revealed to Einstein: E=MC2. Why divine? As mentioned before, it is because all truths support The Truth. All the truths from math, science, chemistry, etc exist because they shadow a higher Truth.
So back to E=MC2 where E is energy, M is mass, and C is the speed of light in a vacuum. One thing we know from this equation is that energy and mass are directly related. In fact, one could really think of all matter as condensed light! Hard to even imagine how much light is stored in our small, frail bodies. Converting this natural equation into a spiritual one is difficult, but here is my understanding.
It seems clear that C (speed of Light and a constant) is the shadow of God’s glory, power and will because they are both constants. Some “science sticklers” may bring up the point that the speed of light is not constant except in the vacuum of space and is slower in other mediums. Well, I think this fact also relates to a spiritual truth. If the speed of light {C} is the shadow of God’s will or power then let’s consider if it is the same at every level of existence. It seems clear that God’s will is not always done here on Earth. On the other hand, God’s will before time and space in the void was done at that moment called “here and now.” In that moment God’s will or power is constant and there is nothing greater. This is like the speed of light. In the void, the speed of light {C} is a constant. Like God’s will and power, “C” only becomes lessened, in a sense, in lower mediums like our world. So now, back to the equation at hand.
I believe that E (energy) is a shadow of our consciousness, or spiritual energy if you like. Our spiritual energy is our “light” that Jesus said we should not keep hidden. I think then M (mass) represents our faith in God. Faith is the substance of our spiritual life like mass is the substance of all things. Things exist in this world because they have mass. God exists in our consciousness because we have faith. Faith has spiritual weight like mass has weight. So, the equation for this is spiritual law then would be as follows:
Consciousness of God {C} = Faith in God {F} x Power of God2 {P2} or C=FP2.
Let’s consider this spiritual theory. The first question that might arise is why P2? Well, again in this world we have the Holy Spirit and the Son helping us to the Father, so this would be P x P or P2. The power of God {P} “squared” sounds a bit absurd, but man cannot even fathom a single P. Can you imagine God’s power? Wouldn’t trying to grasp God’s power {P} be like counting to infinity? If we can agree that God has power that cannot be measured, why then would it be any different for P x P? See my point? So let’s test this theory as best we can.
When our Consciousness of God {C} increases then does our Faith {F}, or closeness to God also increases? Yes, I believe this true. Our awareness of God is directly proportional to our faith and closeness to God.
JAS 4:7 8 Come near to God and he will come near to you.
As our faith grows, we grow closer to God and our understanding and knowledge of him and life increases. Einstein was certainly no dummy! What he discovered in the natural has its meaning in the spiritual just as every shadow has its higher reality. Perhaps in “heaven” we will have P3- the power of Father, Son and Holy Spirit available to our consciousness! We can’t even imagine! Talk about being able to fly high! Until they then though, it seems we are to remain a bit “grounded” by the earthly forces that be.

1COR 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
Gravity may be my favorite force of nature. Why? This is because without a doubt it represents God’s love. As Paul alludes to, love is the greatest “force” in the spiritual universe! Gravity, like God’s love, is a complete mystification. Man cannot explain the force of gravity, but simply labels it a “law” that just is the way it is. We have no earthly idea why objects attract one another, but without gravity (and certainly God's love), life as we know it could not exist.
If one examines the law of gravity closely and then looks up to find the higher law or force it represents, we must come to the conclusion that God’s love is the spiritual form of gravity. They seem to parallel each other in every way imaginable. Like God, gravity is ever present, ever active, ever lasting. It doesn’t run out, run down and it is everywhere there is mass. The greater that mass of an object is the greater is the force of gravity. Again, spiritual mass would represent our faith or nearness to God. The closer we get to God, the stronger our love (spiritual gravity) becomes. This is the higher law of Love.

GAL 5:14 The entire law is summed up in a single command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."
It is written that God is love, and any that love are born of God. What a profound mystery that Love has created. It seems clear that the will of gravity and the will of God are the same- to be ONE. Both are constant, unyielding and dominating in their kingdoms. Gravity and God’s love affects all things at all times. It is unwavering no matter the circumstances. What is really interesting is what happens when gravity is taken to extreme limits.
The notion of “black holes” was at first mere speculation. Then later they became theoretical, but today they are all but accepted as fact. The black hole is all about extreme gravity. It is a sinkhole for all mass and energy- even light. The force of gravity becomes so strong that it overpowers all other forces of the universe! Now, that sounds like God’s love! It seems that within a black hole, the laws of physics are superseded by a higher order of “laws” just as Christ supersedes the Law of Moses.
As discussed in the article The Meaning of Life, matter and consciousness are inversely related in that as matter decreases in the universe, overall consciousness increases. So in the black hole, matter is taken from this world and consciousness is given into the spiritual realm. Again recall the spiritual equation of consciousness:
Consciousness {C} = Faith in God {F} x Power of God2 {P2}
As our faith grows, our consciousness (or awareness) of God’s will also increases. This is the same relationship we see with gravity within the black hole. The black hole is drawing all things together just as God is drawing us all back so that God is all in all. The closer the mass becomes the greater the force of gravity. God’s love increases as we come together as well. We are called to love our neighbor as our self, but do we realize why? It is because we are all part of the Body of Christ. As we come together because of the overpowering force of God’s love, we become ONE body! And like the mass transformed in the black hole, we are also transformed into a higher state of being in Christ!
What I also find interesting is a black hole is likely formed when a large star goes super nova. In other words, once a star has surrendered a critical amount of mass through the process of fusion, it then explodes and collapses upon itself. It gives all that it can, and then it begins to take EVERYTHING back! This is the nature of God and the “Cycle of Life,”. If all has come from God and all is returning to God, then love is the gravity making this possible.

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