Gnostic Doctrine

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Mormonism and Gnosticism


As many scholars and researchers have noted, Mormonism possesses several Gnostic aspects—including the person’s ability to become a god, an emanation theology and a radical deconstruction of biblical texts. The “American Religion” also champions an otherworldly experience with higher forms of consciousness. Of course, there is plenty of Mormon orthodoxy that stifles the Divine Spark. We explore the Gnostic traits and influence on Mormonism, from the original ideas of Joseph Smith to the history of the LDS Church. You may even drink coffee and watch South Park during this definitive quest.Astral Guest—Scott Smith, author of God Reconsidered.

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  1. I received the magic Mormon witness - a very powerful event that felt as though I was being consumed by fire - but after ten years I finally realized it was an insidious deception and had no explanation why I was victimized in this way when I was sincerely searching for the truth.

    I did not discover Gnosticism for another 30 years but now realize the "event" was a manifestation of the Demiurge - a being whose only interest was to confuse, distort and manipulate to prevent his subjects from learning the exact truth.

    And of course it follows that Smith himself was deceived by the exact same entity!