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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Church Leaders are Archons

The rulers wanted to fool us, since they saw we were connected with the good.
They took the names of the good and gave them to the not good so with names they could trick and rope us to the not good.

So, as if they were doing us a favor, they took names from what is not good and transferred them to the good, in their own way of thinking. For they wished to take free people and enslave them forever.

in this passage in the gospel of philip the rulers have used names to prevent people from being free. they seem to have valued the use of these names so a name that referred to something good now refers to something that is not good,

[the “rulers” although having some knowledge of the truth had no love for their brothers and kept it for themselves in selfish pride and covetness].

The rulers (archons) [church leaders, the Holy See the Pope's administration] wanted to deceive man, since they saw that he had a kinship with those that are truly good [the Elohim and God himself we have the potential to become like our Divine Parent].

They took the name of those that are good [holy] and gave it to those that are not good [false religious doctrines], so that through the names [the father, the son and the holy spirit] they might deceive men and bind them to those that are not good [man gets baptised into a false church in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, not knowing that this baptism and use of those names is nonsense].

And afterward, what a favor they do for them! They make them be removed from those that are not good [who are actually good] and place them among those that are good [who are actually not good].

[the Roman Catholic Church. Get out of her my people!]

These things they [the church leaders] knew, for they wanted to take the free man [ransomed, free from sin, born again, sanctified] and make him a slave to them forever

[they crated images or "personas" of people whom are loyal to the deception in order to confuse people “they themselves are not going in and they are hindering those who are from doing so”]

[so that through the names they might deceive him and bind them to those that are not good [this is the very nature of "religion", to bind and rebind people to do according to their will which is in opposition to the will of the Father, this is the spirit of the Antichrist which loves to “lord it over” men by binding them not only to the “letter” but also their own “traditions” and doctrines that they might “become as one of us” (false gods) for these are still in the conousness of sin]

The earthly rulers wanted to deceive people, since they understood that people have a connection with the good. They took good names and gave these names to bad things in order to deceive people and bind them to the bad in this way. And now these earthly rulers suggest to people that they keep away from the “bad” and cling to the “good” — those people who associate with them. These earthly rulers strive to make formerly free men slaves forever.

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