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Friday, 25 November 2022

How to Read the Bible from a Gnostic Point of View

How to Read the Bible from a Gnostic Point of View

Day 1

Gnostic Teacher says

Tomorrow I shall Teach you How to Read!

Day 2

Gnostic Teacher says

To read is to Understand.
To Understand is to Comprehend.
To Comprehend is to Know!
To Know is Gnosis!

Day 3

Gnostic Teacher says

Get the Basics first.

Here I will use several text and show you how to read the ancient text, in this way you will obtain a greater understanding of what is truly written, The Gnosis= hidden knowledge.

John 3:3 ►New Living Translation
Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God."

See= discern= apprehend= Antonym/misunderstand= Antonym/understand.

So using the antonym of misunderstand meaning to understand, Christ was really saying, unless you are born again you would not be able to understand the kingdom of God, and to understand the kingdom of god, is to know it's mysteries, and the opperations= the way it works.

Day 4

Gnostic Teacher says

Take a moment and look at the word "Seen"

John 6:46 ► Berean Study Bible

not that anyone has seen the Father except the One who is from God; only He has seen the Father.

to have personal knowledge of; experience; witness: to learn; discover.
to comprehend; understand, to perceive the true meaning, character, or nature of.

Now we see that the word "seen" means to "understand" and by keeping this in mind, now let's read this text again.

Christ meant that, he was not saying that "no" one don't understand,have personal knowledge of, or don't know his true nature,
He continued to say that those that come from him, will know him in that capacity.

And again we see the Saviour in his compassion had mercy and assured them of the type of relationship a Father has with his children, with holding nothing from them but shows to them his expressed self in an Eternal, Infinite, ineffable way.
Logos and Sophia
Day 5 

Gnostic Teacher says

Again Christ is the "WORD" once you know and understand him, then you will truly know The Father!

Genesis 1:1 ► GOD'S WORD® Translation
In the beginning God created heaven and earth.

In this text you were taught that the word "In" meant a starting point, well let's see.

"In" Defined= Also used as a function word to indicate "Location", Location= Noun, Place!
So in Genesis it's actually saying that there is and was a place where the heavens and the earth was made.

Take a look at what Sophia/Wisdom was saying in the book of Proverbs.

Proverbs 8:30 ► Aramaic Bible in Plain English
I was fashioning with him; he was rejoicing in me everyday, and I have been rejoicing before him always.

What Sophia/Wisdom was saying was pointing to the fact that she was in a place with God, and in this place she was creating with him.

"With" Defined= preposition/ used to say that people or things are together in one place.

John 1:1 ►Aramaic Bible in Plain English
In the origin The Word had been existing and That Word had been existing with God and That Word was himself God.

John 1:2 ► GOD'S WORD® Translation
He was already with God in the beginning.

John 1:3 ►GOD'S WORD® Translation
Everything came into existence through him. Not one thing that exists was made without him.

The gender of the noun wisdom is a feminine and the word is a masculine noun this teaches us that the Christ the anointing spirit is a syzygies consisting of Sophia and Logos   

So if you use the method of defining words, and look up its," antonyms and synonyms" it will open up to a new understanding of basic knowledge of scripture, and from this Gnosis will be revealed to you.
Is Gnosis a Prefix or a Suffix?
Day 6 

Gnostic Teacher says

For some people Gnosis is a word, and all their life they try to explain it.

For others, its like a seasoning, they believe that if they sprinkle it over any words or sayings, these words and sayings will taste good to those that eat those words and sayings.

And there are the few that think that Gnosis is a Prefix or a Suffix, they secretly place it in the front and end of meaningless sayings to which they themselves have no understanding of.

As for me I know Gnosis, It is the Source of which the Christ preceded from, the understanding of the Pentad, and the essences of the Decad.

Gnosis is the life and power of the Autogenes, the very root of my Being,
in a word, I am it's offspring!

Translation and Interpretation 
Day 7 

Gnostic Teacher says

My good brothers and to my friend, do not trouble yourselves with he that Translates the ancient text / and Scriptures.

It is not given to he that translate but rather to him that interprets, for even the disciples of the Messiah, though they walked, talked and wrote the sayings of the Messiah, did not truly interpret what he was saying.

As I spoke with you before hand concerning " words " I say to you again, understand words and their true meanings, and be not afraid to ask the Holy One for knowledge and understanding, was he not before all things and all things came into existence by him and because of him?

Then feel free to question him and he will freely expound to the hidden mysteries of the kingdom of light as well as the mysteries of ineffableness.

I give to you this these two things,

1) Translations are as great fruit trees that are ready for harvest, though it's fruit weighs it's limbs down because of it's fruit laden with sweet juices, insects and fowls of the air are attracted to the fragrance of the fruit tree.

Insects, they bore holes in the fruit, insert their larvae and if the pickers of this fruit picks and ingest this fruit his innermost being can become sickened and he being devoured by the larvae become the larvae, for this one did not look carefully into this fruit before consuming it.

2) The Fowls: the fowls of the air senses the hour of the ripeness of the fruit, they then make their nest among the limbs of the tree, and before the time of harvest they Peck at the stem of the fruits causing the fruit to be deprived of nourishment and the unwise picker, picks and eats and because the fruit has not been fully nourished his stomach becomes embittered and he regurgitates the fruit and he having gained nothing, but also regurgitated the previous meal he had eaten.

So my brothers and my friend always seek to interpret what has been translated, look well to the condition of the fruit if it seem well ripened then divide it into portions looking for the worms, then if it is good for eating then eat, if not then discard.

I tell you of this truth, it will be better for you if you had not eaten, than for you to become sicken by bitter fruit, even more, being devoured by it's worms.