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Thursday, 2 March 2023

A Spirit of Infirmity Luke 13:10-13 Prov 17:22

A Spirit of InfirmityLuke 13:10-13 
10 Now He was teaching in one of the synagogues on the Sabbath. 
11 And behold, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up. 
12 But when Jesus saw her, He called her to Him and said to her, “Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity.” 
13 And He laid His hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God.

14 But the ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation, because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath; and he said to the crowd, “There are six days on which men ought to work; therefore come and be healed on them, and not on the Sabbath day.”15 The Lord then answered him and said, “Hypocrite! Does not each one of you on the Sabbath loose his ox or donkey from the stall, and lead it away to water it? 
16 So ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound—think of it—for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath?” 17 And when He said these things, all His adversaries were put to shame; and all the multitude rejoiced for all the glorious things that were done by Him.
Prov 17:22 A heart that is joyful does good as a curer, but a spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry

medical diagnosis

arthritis of the spine, 
self inflated bad posture maybe?

Spirit  the basic meaning of which is to breathe heavily. When the word is used of the wind, as it is on some occasions, it denotes a strong, powerful wind. Similarly the ruach (spirit) of God is said to rush suddenly and powerfully on a man It is used here in the sense of an over-mastering rush of nagtive feeling.

Spirit mind and heart (feelings) of a person 

but a spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry

 And behold, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up.


  1. 1.
    (of a physical illness or other condition) caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress.

Look, when you get down to it, even mental states are actually only physical states, are they not? I mean, the brain is just a-a chemical supercomputer (Dr. Rodney Mckay) 

The brain creates chemicals which produce feelings and emotionsLike it or not, emotions share some very real biochemical links with your nervous system, immune system and digestive system.
Consciousness is a property of the brain, and the brain is a biochemical engine or its just a chemical super-computer.
Sin originates in the brain-flesh, not in the mind.
The Scriptures recognize the psychosomatic principle, though only in relatively recent times have medical researchers in general become aware that there is some connection between pathological conditions in the body and a person’s emotional state. Proverbs 17:22 states: “A heart that is joyful does good as a curer, but a spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry.”

 Such emotions as envy, fear, greed, hate, and selfish ambition are injurious, whereas good and sometimes remedial effects are produced through cultivating and displaying love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and self-control, the fruitage of the spirit. (Ga 5:22, 23)

 The Scriptures do not, of course, classify all illness as psychosomatic, nor do they rule out as objectionable all consulting of and treatment by physicians. Paul called the faithful Christian Luke “the beloved physician.”—Col 4:14.

The bones are the interior supporting framework of the body, and as such are used in the Bible metaphorically to represent one’s being, especially as affected by deep feelings and emotions. Thus, the bones of a fearful individual are said to be “filled with dread.” (Job 4:14) One’s bones can shake because of extreme dejection or be “hot from dryness” because of disease. (Jer 23:9; Job 30:30) 

Concerning the prophets: My heart is broken within me; all my bones tremble. I am like a drunken man, like a strong man overcome by wine, because of the LORD and his holy words.

Job 30:30 KJV
My skin is black upon me, And my bones are burned with heat.

The fear of Yahweh is ‘a refreshment to the bones.’ (Pr 3:8) A good report is said to ‘make the bones fat’ or fill them with marrow, that is, invigorate the whole body. (Pr 15:30) “Pleasant sayings are . . . a healing to the bones.” (Pr 16:24) On the other hand, negative emotions can have a harmful effect on one’s organism. “A spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry.” (Pr 17:22) A wife that acts shamefully is said to be to her husband “as rottenness in his bones.” (Pr 12:4) The harboring of jealousy toward others can also be destructive to a person physically and spiritually, and so “jealousy is rottenness to the bones.”—Pr 14:30. 

Spirit of infirmity 
Spirit not a demon, spirit refers to the human mind and heart
illnesses caused by a bad human spirit wrong mental attitude: 
Prov 17:22 A heart that is joyful does good as a curer, but a spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry
17: 22 ¶  A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry compare Spirit of infirmity 
makes the bones dry arthritis of the spine caused by the sin in the flesh due to the spirit of man being stricken with bad emotions (heart, spirit) effecting the nervous system (brain)immune system (flesh) and digestive system (soul)
Prov  18:14 The spirit of a man can put up with his malady; but as for a stricken spirit, who can bear it?
18:14 ¶  The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?
2Co 7:10  Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

was a lame woman whose body had for 18 years been hunched over and could not stand up straight by disease—called in the narrative “a spirit of infirmity” and “Satan”—the personified adversary which is SIN. 

Caused by SIN the curse placed on Adam 

Notice the language at the end of v 12 " thou art loosed from thine infirmity." She was loosed from her infirmity - by inference before that she was bound by her infirmity. 

Look at  verse 16, Jesus speaking says, "And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these  eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?" (not the spirit of infirmity - but Satan)
What does Satan mean to you? Well simply Satan means in the Old Testament 'satan' – adversary. This woman was in an adverse situation. She had arthritis - she was buckled up, she couldn't straighten up. So can we see that the spirit of infirmity is synonymous here with the term 'satan'? She was bound by her infirmity or we might say she was bound by 'satan' and the nature of this satan was arthritis. She had been bent up with arthritis, and now she was made straight.

Satan and the spirit of infirmity are equivalent expressions

“Satan”—the personified adversary = The Sin in the flesh
Romans 5:12 That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men (by genetic inheritance) because they had all sinned
Hebrews 2:14 Therefore, since the “young children” are sharers of blood and flesh, he also partook of the same things, that through his death (not his life) he might bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death (the sin in the flesh has the power of death), that is, the Devil (devil personification of sin)
Romans  8:3 For, there being an incapability on the part of the Law, while it was weak through the flesh, God, by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and concerning sin, condemned the sin in the flesh 
condemned sin in a sinful nature called the body of sin

Sometimes Illnesses come from God or Yahweh not Satan the devil, demons or so-called evil spirits  (Iasiah 45:7  1Samuel 16:14,15)
Deut 28:22 The Lord will strike you with consumption, with fever, with inflammation, with severe burning fever, with the sword, with scorching, and with mildew; they shall pursue you until you perish.
Deut 28:27The Lord will strike you with the boils of Egypt, with tumors, with the scab, and with the itch, from which you cannot be healed. 
28The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness (another type of so-called demon illness) and confusion of heart
29And you shall grope at noonday, as a blind man gropes in darkness; you shall not prosper in your ways; you shall be only oppressed and plundered continually, and no one shall save you.

What is the difference between the 'brain' and the 'mind'?Answer:
It may seem, on the surface, that distinguishing between the brain and the mind is not important but to understand the Scriptures properly we must recognize the difference in the brain versus that which the brain produces.
The difference is seen in considering the two words, “brain” and “mind”. The brain is brain-flesh, the physical source of the impulses of man’s defiled nature. The brain is defined as, “
The dictionary says, Brain: "That part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull". In other words it is the physical member of the body that controls the biological functions of the body in addition to producing thoughts, attitudes &c.
The mind is defined as, “human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested especially in thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination” (Am. Heritage Dictionary).  
Mind: Thinking produced by the brain.

The problem is that some false teaching say that sin is a matter of morality and not as a physical law of that nature’s constitution.
The uncleanness is shifted from the physical realm of the brain’s flesh to the mental-moral
 with this information we can can understand how a person with a bad spirit makes themsleves ill 

 its all about sin did you now that the sin in the flesh which is cellular aging
we do not die because we break gods law we die because of sin which by genetic inheritance was passed on from Adam 
this is called called cellular aging that physical element of animal nature which cause all diseases and death  

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